Our music school

For both adults and children, playing music can be one of the most enriching experiences in life.

In our special school of music, supported by the famous violinist and pedagogue Ida Bieler, we give you and your children the opportunity to discover the world of music and musical instruments.

Our team of excellent and award-winning musical teachers will guide you and your child individually through the process of learning to play and master an instrument. Our teachers are qualified to provide guidance for your child during the entire learning process, from the earliest beginning to college level and beyond. The whole concept of our teaching has been formed and developed in close collaboration with Prof. Ida Bieler.

Course offerings, concerts and masterclasses

In addition to individual tuition, one of the key motivators for learning music is playing together. We offer our students the possibility to play in an orchestra and ensembles from a very early age. Even beginners get together in small groups for “Suzuki-parties”.

We have an annual public orchestra concert and numerous opportunities to perform in our chamber music hall and other venues.
An integral part of our program is also individual or group lessons in all aspects of musical theory.

A very special opportunity we offer gifted children is to meet and work with Prof. Ida Bieler (www.idabieler.com), Prof. Nina Tichman (www.ninatichman.com) and other renowned musicians in workshops and masterclasses.

We would like to warmly welcome and invite you to get to know our teachers in free trial lessons!

Professor Ida Bieler

For the renowned violinist and pedagogue Ida Bieler guiding young talents has always been of the utmost importance. Between touring and teaching a masterclass at the university she always finds time for the youngest students.